What is ClickRouter?

ClickRouter is a system that captures clicks from your website and decides in real-time, which of your Affiliate Network accounts they should be routed (to make the most money for you).
With ClickRouter, you don't need to search which of your Affiliate Networks will monetize a given link. On your website, just put the raw link (say, directly to Zappos or Shoes.com). When a user clicks that link, ClickRouter will check all your Affiliate Accounts (maybe you have accounts with Viglinks, Skimlinks, Commission Junction, Shareasale, etc) and automatically affiliatize that link for the user.

So I don't need to lookup links on Affiliate Networks anymore?

Correct !
Just install the ClickRouter code into your webiste andenter your Affiliate Account details. ClickRouter will immediately start directing your user clicks to your Affiliate Accounts.

What if I have lots of old content with hundreds of links?

No problem. Install the ClickRouter code into those pages (easiest in the footer or something) and ClickRouter will do the rest. All clicks from that older inventory will be monetized automatically!

What if I don't have an Affiliate account that can monetize a link?

ClickRouter will tell you. Let's say you get 100 clicks a day from your site from Zappos but have no relationship for Zappos. ClickRouter will show you "Missed Opportunities" giving you the exact number of clicks lost - and tell you the networks you should sign-up for to start monetizing those links!

Will ClickRouter see changes in my merchant relationships?

Yes, automatically (as long as you've entered the account into ClickRouter). ClickRouter always directs your clicks to your most profitable merchant relationship and if you later get a more profitable relationship, all subsequent clicks will go there automatically.

I have accounts with 5 different networks - can I use them all?

Yes. You can add any Affiliate Network that ClickRouter supports (more coming all the time) and will automatically (per the best payout) decide which of your networks to use. No need to decide between using Commission Junction, Viglinks, Skimlinks, Pepperjam, etc - use them ALL simultaneously - and always get the best one for any particular click!

Great ! How much does ClickRouter cost?

ClickRouter costs you nothing up to 5,000 clicks per day. Have more than that? Email us at support@manybrain.com.

I have more questions!

Please email us at support@manybrain.com