Monetize Outbound Clicks

Automatic Click Routing Across All Your Affiliate Accounts
Use all your Affiliate accounts at once !

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How's it work?

Step 1: Install ClickRouter's javascript in your website (sign-up first!)
Step 2: Watch the live clicks come right into your ClickRouter dashboard.
Step 3: Tell ClickRouter about your affiliate accounts. Amazon, CJ, Viglinks, etc.
Step 4: Watch ClickRouter route each click to your best (i.e. most profitable) merchant network every time !
Step 5: Profit! of course, but apart from that - Analyze ClickRouter reports to see where you are missing revenue!

Radical Reporting

Watch your clicks happen - and see what's paying and what's not. ClickRouter will even tell you when you're losing revenue - and how to fix it.

Watch the Clicks that Pay

ClickRouter not only automatically monetizes your site's clicks - it tracks them. See which clicks are performing and which can be improved.

And Fix the ones that don't

Are you missing monetizable clicks? ClickRouter will tell you. It analyzes every click from your site and alerts you when you're missing out and shows you to fix it.


Low-volume Sites


Up to 5000 clicks/month

  • Monetize your links automatically

Medium-volume Sites

$29.00 / month*

up to 20,000 clicks/month

  • *or Pay Nothing & ClickRouter takes 1 of 10 clicks

Big Sites

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Over 20,000 clicks/month


Three (really easy) ways to use ClickRouter

Paste the Code

Paste ClickRouter's code into your site and stop manually monetizing links. ClickRouter will monetize all clicks from YOUR site with YOUR Affiliate accounts!

URL Shortener

Need a link for Emails, Tweets or just prefer short links?? ClickRouter has it's own URL Shortener which monetizes clicks with your best Affiliate account! (and yes, you can change the accounts or destinations of the links anytime!)

Browser Plugin

(Coming Soon!) Use the Browser Plugin to automatically generate short-links that monetizes across ALL your affiliate accounts.

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